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Graphic Design Projects

Once  upon a time, there was a child who loved to create.  This love for bringing ideas to life and imagination to reality never faded as the child became an adult, but grew and grew into a keen eye for design and a constant drive for improvement.

Creating from concept to finished deliverable, I manage each step of the process, from product photography to press check.  Most of my professional work has been designing marketing materials for both print and digital campaigns, but I bring a range of skills to the table, including 3D work and website design.

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Marketing Material

In addition to the design process, this body of work includes setting up files for print, altering and approving proofs, overseeing press checks, and then creating an accompanying parallel digital campaigns.



3D Design

Proficiency Levels:

Textures: High ||||||

Lighting: High ||||||

Modeling: Moderate |||

Wireframing: Moderate |||

Camera Animation: Moderate ||

Particles & Effects: Low |

Rigging: Low |


Program Experience:

Cinema4D, Sculptris, Maya, GoogleSketchUp, and currently learning Rhino

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